Enneagram 101: Authentically You

Learn to use the knowledge of what makes you tick to lead and shape the amazing life you were meant to live.

by Jennifer Stanley

Life is leadership.

Whether you recognize it or not, everyone is leading someone. And your most important leadership assignment is leading yourself. 

Here’s the truth: you make the choices that direct your life.

But all too often, we fumble through our days without direction, disengaged and stressed to the max. 

The solution? Gain a crystal clear picture of what makes you tick—your dreams, ambitions, hangups and fears. Then learn how to use that knowledge to lead and shape the amazing life you were meant to live.

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what to expect


Own your personalized map for personal growth, healing, and confidence.


Confirm your Enneagram number, once and for all

Gain a deeper understanding of your number’s tendencies

Grow confidently to understand your strengths & weaknesses

Lead yourself with authenticity, humility and balance

Course Goals

Hi, I’m Jennifer.

Who am I? What am I here for? What’s my purpose? 

I’ve asked all the same questions as you.

After feeling discouraged and frustrated about my personal and professional life, I did my own exhaustive dive into the Enneagram looking for answers.

With the help of an Enneagram coach and a 3-year intensive training program, I unlocked the missing pieces to my own dissatisfaction and mapped a doable (and successful!) path to reclaiming my true self once again.

I lost the excess weight, my marriage improved, and I got serious about my life purpose. Finally, I found the peace I was pursuing. Now I teach others everything I learned on my journey so you can rediscover what excites you and live energetically with purpose.

trusted by many

  • Apply what you’ve learned in real life
  • Create healthy and doable goals 
  • Craft your personal mission and go all in





  • Understand the basics of your personality
  • Put together your comprehensive profile
  • See how your wiring affects your life


  • Gain critical awareness and self-understanding
  • Acknowledge your strengths & weaknesses
  • Recognize what drives–and derails–you


  • People who have it all figured out 
  • Those with closed mindsets
  • Someone who is content staying stagnant or stuck

Who it's NOT for

Who it's for

  • Enneagram newbie or seasoned pro
  • Men and women in a life transition
  • Working professionals and entrepreneurs
  • Stay-at-home parents, empty nesters and retirees


kind words

Jen knows her stuff.

She understands the Enneagram so deeply yet knows how to teach it to newbies like me. 

She also didn't shy away from sharing her own vulnerabilities, which makes her relatable and trustworthy. If someone is on the fence about this class, I would tell them to invest in it. I would pay 3X as much for the value of the content. 

Staci Bemis

This Enneagram course has helped not just my life but my husband's too! 

We have hardly had any disagreements since the class because I better understand that we see the world differently, and that's ok.

I'm taking the course again so I can keep learning more!

Valerie Helms-Maja

Ready to get

Learn to use the knowledge of the Enneagram to lead the amazing life you were meant to have.




the modules

By the numbers


Motivation Matters Most

Coursework is done individually with weekly online group coaching and access to a private Facebook group

A deep dive into the 9 key motivations, how they came to be, and why motive (not behavior) is the key to understanding yourself and others.


SuperPowers & Kryponite

The best of your number and the #1 way you self-sabatoge.


The Stress Numbers

Learn how to be productive rather than destructive during stress.


The Security Numbers

Learn how to level-up and how to see your biggest blindspot.


Your Personalized Path

We close our time with a personalized guide to your number. Everything you've learned is charted and ready to be utilized! 

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Got questions?

Does learning about my Enneagram number really make a difference? 

Yes, gaining self-understanding is crucial to personal growth. That could include things like knowing if and why you emotionally eat, what motivates you, getting along with people at work and how to avoid common pitfalls and relationship struggles. 

How does an online course work?

This class is done by gaining access to a recorded online teaching. Then each week, we’ll “meet up” as a group online via Zoom to go over the material and answer any questions. Before each group session, you’ll receive an email with a link to join. 

How much time do I need to invest in the course each week?

Plan for 30-45 minutes of teaching for each lesson. Plus you get a 1-hour weekly group coaching session (totally optional but super worth it). 

What is the Enneagram?

The Enneagram is a personality model outlining nine types of personalities with varying characteristics. It describes how these different personalities perceive, interpret and interact with others and the world. But the Enneagram is about more than personality; it’s about discovering the real you.

Do I need to know about the Enneagram to take this course?

No, Enneagram newbies are welcome! You will learn about the Enneagram, discover your own number and how to apply this new knowledge to your life. 


Join us - class kicks off June 18, 2024

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Access all learning materials and exclusive course community includes weekly live coaching at in-person events in Muncie, IN

Access all learning materials and exclusive online course community, plus weekly live coaching through virtual link.

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Early bird registration until June 11th. Save $50!
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Early bird registration until June 11th. Save $50!
Use coupon code: HELLO


Tuesdays June 18-July 23
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Tuesdays June 18-July 23
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