Life buzzes by so quickly and leaves us feeling breathless and like we’re falling short. We all want to feel like we’re living life to the fullest…but how?

Friend, living a dimly lit, lackluster life is not okay. You were absolutely made to shine—at home, at work and in your community.

let’s get real for a minute...

It’s the end of the day, your head hits the pillow and you think...

...where’d the time go? Why do I feel like I never get enough done? Why do I feel like I’m not enough?


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We believe life is about loving fiercely and living purposefully. Because when you feel great, know yourself and go after a worthy pursuit, you thrive individually and make the world a better place. 

Our holistic approach embraces the whole you—body, mind and soul. Whether you want more energy, unshakable confidence or focused passion (or all three!), we have a program designed to catapult you forward.

Reclaim your spark.

Be the light. 

Living Well transforms men and women from the inside out with supercharged and insightful coaching, courses, and retreats.

He shows her who she really is: known, worthy and oh-so loved.

Jesus sees not just her messy past, but her strengths, dreams and desires. And he has an amazing plan and purpose for her life. As he speaks to her, he gives her a new mission, a new purpose. She leaves the well so full of joy she leaves her buckets behind and transforms her community with the good news. 

That is the heart and soul behind Living Well. We curate life-giving resources and coaching to help people of all backgrounds discover their true makeup, boost vitality and live joyfully with passionate purpose.

Let me tell you a story...

...about a woman fetching water.

In the Bible, there’s a well-known story about a woman at a well. She’s alone, hurting and stripped of her true identity—until she meets Jesus. 

meet your guides




Hi, all! If you’ve ever felt stuck or lacking direction, I totally get it.

After working as a professional singer, worship leader and small business owner, I found myself asking, what’s next? 

Dissatisfied and hungry both professionally and personally, life felt empty. Something was missing, and I desperately needed to find it.

On my journey, I gained a deep understanding of my unique wiring through the Enneagram. This unlocked the key to take charge of my health, revitalizing not just my body but my own mission, too. 

Now I teach and lead others to find that same gratifying purpose, joy and renewed energy in their life, work, family and community. 

Jennifer Stanley

After struggling with his own journey of corporate contentment...

...Wil realized casting a vision and discovering his “why” were key to finding joy in any situation. 

He started Noble Why to educate Big Business that personal gratification and corporate fulfillment can genuinely go hand-in-hand. 

Infused with high energy and inspiring messages, Wil is a sought-after keynote speaker, seminar leader and author. His goal is to help others find ultimate satisfaction in both work and life through a clearly defined mission and purpose.

Wil Davis

When these three key ingredients come together, they fuel you to heartily live out your calling and be the light to those around you. 


Secret Sauce

Mission gives you a spirited




Self-understanding gives you


Better health gives you

Are you ready to get intentional about your life?