Enough of that.

Most of us justify putting off healthy habits until we’re feeling downright depleted and spent.

We tell ourselves we’ll get healthy when the kids are bigger, when the kids are gone, when work slows down or when we retire.

no more

...put on your own oxygen mask and prioritize you for once.

 Because when your body feels good, you have the energy to show up refreshed for everything—and everyone—else. 

It's time to...

Stop self-sabotaging your health.

The answer is your mind.

What’s up with that? 

If you’re like most people, there’s a disconnect between your fitness ambitions and your actual behavior. 

It’s impossible to transform any area of your life without also learning new habits and mindsets. That's why Living Well health coaching uses a whole-body approach.

You know how you want to look and feel, but eating well and moving your body consistently feels like an uphill battle. 


are you ready to...

Gain energy
Optimize health

Feel your best?

We help you learn and implement a personalized plan that changes not just your body, but your mind and behavior, too. Plus, you get encouragement and support to shed pounds and grow stronger inside and out every day.

...and ultimately, look and feel younger.

Lose weight
Improve fitness

plus, you get...

...all of this too!

Weekly check ins to track progress

Proven weight loss strategies

Customized health plan

Habit-changing health coaching

Encouragement and support


meet jen

Jennifer Stanley

Enthusiastic health and life transformation guru 

I'm bringing all my energy and 10 years of experience to support you in your health journey. Just think of me as a personal health support system in your back pocket, cheering you on with every win, even those non-scale victories.

Your Health Cheerleader

Jennifer is a dynamic teacher who connects easily with her students. 

She is passionate and delivers extraordinary content with excellence.  Her energy is contagious and inspiring.

Ted Baker

kind words

 - CEO/Executive Director, Muncie Innovation Connector, Inc.

for transforming your health habits.

With a positive mindset and determination, you hold the key to unlocking a healthier, happier you.

powerful tool

Your mind is the most....


Need personalized support reaching your health goals?

Better health is just one click away.

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