Does your next event need a little jolt? Jennifer delivers insightful and valuable messages sure to engage, inspire and motivate.

your audience.

Heartfelt and authentic.

Not a whole lot at first glance.

But each of these professional roles has infused Jennifer with decades of experience both leading large groups and laser-focusing on just one person’s needs.

It’s this special combo that gives her the ability to engage a crowd while connecting with each person in the audience. 

Worship leader. Personal stylist. Enneagram expert. What do they have in common? 

keynote & event speaking - you won't forget.


Team & Employee


Main Stage

Virtual & In-Person

Now she teaches both small and large audiences the value of understanding the depth of their character, getting out of unhealthy ruts and how to nurture a personal mission that shines.

Practical insight that excites.

After going through her own journey of self-discovery using the Enneagram, Jennifer became motivated to regain her health and uncover her life mission.



The Living Well Triad: Confidence, Energy & Passion

Knowing your unique wiring breeds better health and purpose.

speaking topics

Areas of Expertise

Jennifer is joyfully equipped to speak on a variety of topics, including...

Reclaim Your Spark: Rediscovering the Real You 

Understand your multifaceted personality and why it matters.

Ignite Your Passion: Why Your Mission Matters

Uncover the dreams and desires to hone your personal mission. 

Shine Your Light: Living Your God-given Purpose 

Use your gifts to live your purpose and radiate your light. 

trusted by many

kind words

Jen knows her stuff.

She understands the Enneagram so deeply yet knows how to teach it to newbies like me. 

She also didn't shy away from sharing her own vulnerabilities, which makes her relatable and trustworthy. If someone is on the fence about this class, I would tell them to invest in it. I would pay 3X as much for the value of the content. 

Staci Bemis

upcoming events

Come see Jennifer speak at one of her upcoming events!



Join us in Muncie, Indiana for 5 sessions of live teaching and discussion.

A leadership event for all women sponsored by Christian Women Connection and the Church of God Ministries.


Supercharge your next event with an uplifting message that